Inner Light Services with Linda Fisher-Piccolo Sterling Heights, Michigan Telephone: 586.215.7657 Email: Linda@LindaFP.com Inner Light Services with Linda Fisher-Piccolo     Copyright © 1999 - 2017  All rights reserved     Sterling Heights, Michigan office in Macomb County, near Oakland County  Inner Light Services (Sterling Heights, Michigan) with Linda Fisher-Piccolo (Master Practitioner) is dedicated to your health and well-being by specializing in such things as: Holistic Health, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) / ECM (Energy Correction Method), Reiki, Women’s Spiritual Retreats in Michigan, Spiritual Counseling, Classes, Workshops, Webinars, Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Your Inner Peace... Office in Sterling Heights, Michigan -- Easily accesable from Macomb County, Oakland County, St. Clair County, Wayne County Outdoor and Indoor Labyrinths available for your free-time, optional use.
ACCOMODATIONS: All   PRIVATE   ROOMS    for   sleeping,   etc.   Rooms   are   meticulously clean.    Each    room    has    a    private    bathroom    with    shower.    Some rooms   also   have   bathtubs   (you   will   let   me   know   if   you   prefer   to have   a   shower   with   a   bathtub).   Some   rooms   have   coffee   stations   in the   room,   and   other   guest   rooms   have   a   sharing   coffee   station outside   of   the   rooms   in   the   hall.   All   linens   and   towels   provided. Each   room   has   mulitple   beds,   but   I   reserve   a   PRIVATE      ROOM for   each   Retreat   Attendee   ~   we   are   on   a   “Spiritual   Retreat,”   and this   means   that   we   will   be   focused   on   looking   within,      asking   and answering    questions    to    ourselves,    about    ourselvess,    therefore, socializing in our quiet-time rooms is not advisable. ~ …Of   course,   if   you   absolutely   NEED   to   share   a   room   with   another woman   attending   the   Retreat,   you   will   let   me   know   and   I   will make    exceptions.    There    is,    however,    no    financial    savings    for sharing    a    room.    Each    Attendee    pays    the    same    cost,    whether sharing a room or not. I   will   also   ask   everyone   to   limit   their   cell-phone   use   to   before   or after   Breakfast   (before   our   Daily   Workshop   begins)   and   then   not again    until    after    Dinner,    if    this    is    possible.    Please    plan    to    be committed   to   using   your   time   here   on   our   work-at-hand,   and   to   not be   habitually   calling/texting   or   answering   calls/texts   that   can   wait until you return home. Thank you very much. Of   course,   everyone   will   give   their   family   /   friends      the   telephone number to LAKE HURON RETREAT CENTER: 810-327-6272 before   you   leave   home,   for   in   case   someone   would   need   to   get ahold   of   you.   That   would   be   a   perfect   time   to   let   them   know   that you   will   have   your   cell   phone   turned   off   for   a   lot   of   your   time away,   and   that   you   appreciate   them   not   calling   or   texting   you   if   it can wait until you return. This Retreat is prepared for 15 - 22 women.  Attend if you are: Comitted to your Spiritual Growth (Awakeness, Expansion). Desiring   to   spend   quality   time   with   yourself   in   a   peaceful, paradise setting. BEACHFRONT PROPERTY Scenic,    peaceful,    beachfront    property.    Our    conference    schedule allows   multiple   opportunities   and   plenty   of   free   time   for   private contemplation    and    (if    desired)    social    interaction,    on    a    most excellent site. INDOOR   LOBBY   AREA   (in   Littleton   Lodge)      w/FIREPLACE and   WINDOW-SEATING   for   everyone’s   shared,   optional   use   and enjoyment. PRIVATE   MEDITATION   ROOM   (2nd   floor   in   Littleton   Lodge) for everyone’s shared, optional use. ALL MEALS PROVIDED.  Exceptionally   clean   Dining   Room   and   kitchen.   Chefs   prepare   our quality    meals    with    a    variety    of    fresh    foods    to    choose    from, including    an    Omelet    Station    (Breakfast),    Taco    Station    (some Lunches), etc. Self-service    in    a    fabulous    dining    hall.    Large    full    windows overlooking Lake Huron. Simply beautiful. OUR CONFERENCE ROOM: Poole    Chapel    is    the    perfect    setting    for    our    shared    work    on ourselves.   The    atmosphere    feels    /    is    serene.    It    provides    ample space,    furnished    with    large    round    tables,    comfortable    seating, coffee/tea/water   stations,   and   large   windows   with   a   beautiful   view of the secluded property of our Retreat Center. Our   daily   conferences   begin   at   9:30AM,   break   for   lunch   from 11:45AM to 1:15PM, and conclude for the day at 5:15 PM. Most    evenings    at    6:30PM    in    Poole    Chapel ,    we    will    show    a Spiritual   or   thought-provoking   movie   or   video   for   your   enjoyment (and, perhaps, enlightenment). Attendance is optional. NIGHTLY CAMPFIRES: If you’re up for it, come join us at the FIREPIT near Poole Chapel and the beach, after the movie. Sharing, Laughter… Attendace is optionl.
 2018 RETREAT CALENDAR CHECKING OUR “SELF-TALK” You    may    not    fully    realize    how    much    of    your    (often    silent)    “self-talk”    is contributing   to   the   life   you   are   seeing   /   experiencing.   You   may   not   fully realize   that   your   consistent,   un-conscious   by   default,   self-talk   determines   your self-esteem (self-worth, value, etc.), ~ it’s not  the other way around! In   this   Retreat   Workshop,   you   will   come   to   understand   what   your   individual self-talk   is,   and   how   it   is   a   major   force   of   the   life   you   are   creating.   Are   there areas    in    your    personal    or    professional    life    that    could    use    a    positive improvement   (expansion)?   Are   you   ready   to   make   that   happen   now ?   Attend this    Retreat    Workshop    to    better    co-create    your    life    by    Deliberate    Design instead   of   by   defeating   default.   We   will   “Erase   and   Replace”   where   necessary, utilizing techniques that you will learn in class. This and so much more! :) Led by: Linda Fisher-Piccolo , Master Teacher and Practitioner since 1999 Ordained Minister of Universal Life Church. Retreat Director: Elizabeth Beverlin 2018: Tuesday, July 16  1:00 PM thru Friday, July 19  1:00 PM (Please do have lunch before you arrive. Please also do check-in at Littleton Lodge, prior to attending our 1:00 PM Retreat Opening in Poole Chapel)  ALSO: 2018: Tuesday, Oct. 2  1:00 PM thru Friday, Oct. 5  1:00 PM (Please do have lunch before you arrive. Please also do check-in at Littleton Lodge, prior to attending our 1:00 PM Retreat Opening in Poole Chapel)  Meals provided:  Tuesday: Dinner (5:30 PM sharp) Wednesday: Breakfast (8AM sharp), Lunch (Noon sharp), Dinner (5:30 PM sharp) Thursday same schedule as Wednesday Friday: Breakfast (8AM sharp), Lunch (Noon sharp) Our scheduled activites conclude with Friday’s Noon Meal. Please be checked-out of your room by 9AM Friday. Thank You! Incredibly Reasonable Cost!  $525 Includes everything! This Retreat is prepared for 15 - 22 women. Register as soon as possible to guarantee your reservation. Click on corresponding PayPal Button to Register. Linda FP will email your Confirmation and Registration Details within 48 hours of receiving your PayPal payment. Thanks So Much!! 2018: Tuesday, July 16  1:00 PM thru Friday, July 19  1:00 PM Pay $525 to register for JULY Retreat 2018: Tuesday, Oct. 2  1:00 PM thru Friday, Oct. 5  1:00 PM Pay $525 to register for OCTOBER Retreat
LAKE HURON RETREAT CENTER (Port Huron / Lexington area)